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Ohio Art toys made in StrykerOhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 047b

     Stryker at one time was the home to the Strydel/Emenee plant that produced many of the Ohio Art toys that so many children enjoyed in their young years. Thousands of young people began their music careers playing along on the famous “Audion” organs
     On this page you will see some examples of those toys. If you click on “Spudsie,” you’ll find there’s a flyer that gives an extensive amount of history of the world of toys that once upon a time were made at Stryker.
     If you would like to see a story about when the toys were displayed at the Stryker Depot, click here.

OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 007b
Spudsie OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 003b
OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 017b
OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 009b OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 011b
OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 073b OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 021b
OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 063
OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 036b OhioArtToysMadeInStrykerNov07 028b

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