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Arrowheads and stones

     Prior to many groups of settlers coming into the area, the Great Black Swamp was inhabited by Native Americans. Evidence of their residence in the area has been dramatically shown by the mounds near Nettle Lake. Perhaps less iconic but more prevalent are the traces of their existence that are more often found in the fields and near the waterways where these first Americans camped and hunted. A number of people in the area have found arrowheads and stones whose wearing indicates they were used as implements to assist with the duties of everyday life.

     So, it should be no surprise that a number of arrowheads and stones have been found in Springfield Township. The following are photos of such a collection that comes from the area. As you look at them, perhaps you can imagine the hunter out ready to shoot the prey to feed the family with the arrow tipped with an arrowhead. Or using a great stone to grind the corn or wheat for the day’s meal.

2002 Square back
2002 Square front
2003 Square
2005 Square
2003 Square 1 front 2003 Square 1 back
2003 Square front
2003 Square back
2004 Square 2
2004 Square 1
2005 Square 1.1 front white
2005 Square 1.1 front
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2005 Square 1.1 back white
hatchet front hatchet back
hatchet side
Loose 1 Loose 2
Loose 2.1 side
Loose 2.1
Loose stones
Loose in cabinet
Oblong 18
Oblong 18.1
Oblong 18.2
Oblong 18.3
Oblong 19 Oblong 19.1
Oblong 20 front Oblong 20 back
Round 5
Round 5.1
Round 5.1 closeup
Sm white box 6
Sm white box 6.1
Sm white box 6.1 back
Sm white box 7 Square 1.1
Square 1.1 front
Square 1.1 reverse

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