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Below you will find a list of helpful links that will assist you with additional information and resources related to the pursuit and preservation of area history

The websites are not owned or operated by the Stryker Area Heritage Council, thus the Stryker Area Heritage Council is not responsible for the condition of these sites or the information they provide. If you would like to report an issue with one of these links or know of others sites that may be helpful to list, please contact us at Stryker Area Heritage Council.

Village of Stryker

Edgerton Historical Society

Williams County Historical Society

Williams County Genealogical Society

Williams County Genealogy Forum
(You can review and post genealogy queries at this website)

Defiance County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

Don Allison
(A local historian who is a noted author of civil war history. You’ll find his books are available for order at this site and some civil war prints, too)

Williams County Website
(Official county site)

Williams County Information
(Contains a good list of county contact addresses and more)

Williams County Public Library
(To access the “Obituary Index Search,” click on “Local History and Genealogy”

Defiance Public Library
(Click on “genealogy and local history” for wealth of information)

Historic Homes of Defiance
They promote preservation of historic homes in Defiance and the documentation of their heritage.

Rutherford B. Hayes Library
(Click on “obituaries” and follow the tabs to access obituary indexes for Defiance County, some of Williams County and much of the rest of northwest Ohio)

Ohio Historical Society
(Plenty of Ohio information, plus click on “Archives/Library” and under “Genealogical Resources” click on “Death Certificate Index” to search for death records for the years 1913-1944)

Cyndislist for Ohio
(Excellent and famous website for U.S., Ohio and Williams County research in general)

Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office
(Search for and download copies of original land patents)

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