Stryker Area Heritage Council

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We are growing our base of information about the community and are using this space to display it as we can. Click on the name or subject to visit the “display.” If you have photos or items we can feature in a “display,” please let us know at

Agriculture Heritage

Arrowheads and stones

Blizzard of ‘78

Boat Oar Factory reported to be largest in world!

Grocer Coy’s life leaves questions

Farm tools

Local writer has ties to “The Green Hornet”

William J. Knight

Lockport Mennonite Church celebrates 100 years

Miles House a Stryker fixture for years

Ohio Art toys made in Stryker

Snow records

Stryker 1894 Commencement Program

John Stryker, the man for whom the town is named

Stryker historic photos

Stryker’s Railroad Heritage

Stryker Tile Factory helped drain the Great Black Swamp

Stryker schools through the years

Was Stryker part of the Underground Railroad?

First run of the T & I Railroad

Werum Novelty Works


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